Strategic Communications

Lead with Language – Increase the strength of action through the integrity of a communications strategy.

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Analytical research on industry trends and best practices — backed by 25 years of professional experience — goes into developing and implementing strategic communications plans for clients. During Derran Eaddy's career, he developed and implemented communications strategies at the White House level that allowed the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to expand its health care services, develop its workforce of 345,000 employees, and modernize its electronic health records systems. His project work earned the Harvard Kennedy School of Government's Innovations in Government Award and was cited in Congressional testimony for its effectiveness. Collateral support materials developed at North Carolina’s third largest school system positioned the district as a national leader in education excellence. Those communications products regularly received awards from the National School Public Relations Association.

Strategic Communications Consulting Services
- Communications Planning
- Executive Coaching
- Stakeholder Research
- Communications Audits
- Outreach Support Materials
- Focus Groups
- Event Support

Digital and Social Media

The Global Network is Yours – Harness the power of an online presence and get results that matter.

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Innovations across the internet continuously change how organizations and individuals interact with government, business-to-business providers, and their relevant stakeholders. Connect smarter and embrace the data that can only be captured through digital communications tools. The world is open — and listening. Send the right signals. Get the right feedback. Derran Eaddy has collaborated on the management of organic social media campaigns that have generated over a million impressions for a single event; without using an advertising budget. As a consultant to the Military Health System, he navigated Department of Defense protocols to launch the first Military Health System social media program in 2008.

Digital Communications Services

- Strategic Planning
- Website Content Management
- Social Media Campaigns
- Online Articles and Written Copy
- Video and Audio Production
- Photography
- Graphic Design

Public Relations and Public Affairs

Create the Community – Make a difference by adding value to your community and industry sector. 


Engaging in dialogue through traditional news outlets — television, newspapers, and radio stations — requires an understanding of the news industry and a forward-thinking approach to becoming a valued community and industry partner. As a career-long communications specialist, Derran Eaddy has refined a matrixed outreach approach that also considers trade publications, community service projects, events and meetings. Think: authentic message, knowledge of the issues, and confident delivery; then drive a seamless convergence through the social media and the online “web-scape.”

Public Relations and Public Affairs Consulting Services

- Community Service Programs
- Public Engagement Campaigns
- Press and Media Relations
- Media and Interview Training
- Issues Advocacy
- Event Support